Custom Mattress Options for Home and Business Use


Whether it’s for your home or your business, we understand the need for a highly personalized, custom made mattress. These custom mattresses are a great way to get a good night’s sleep. Also, custom mattresses may not be as far out of your budget as you may think.

No matter where you live, we can create custom mattresses that match every requirement you have and get them delivered to your doorstep very quickly. While we assure a speedy manufacture and delivery for your custom made mattress, we also strive to fulfill our vow not to compromise on the quality of the final product. Our custom mattresses are guaranteed to be comfortable and long-lasting.

Your home or business custom made mattress can be manufactured according to a number of specifications, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Foam density
  • Length and breadth
  • Spring strength
  • Soft or hard latex top
  • Custom made mattress shape
  • One or two side custom made mattress


Custom Made Mattress for RV, Boat or Custom Designs


Your recreational vehicle or boat is probably one of your most valued and admired investments. Understanding this, we realise that having custom mattresses in these vehicles is a reflection of your desires. We make sure each of your expectations is met with without compromise. We will provide you with a custom made mattress that’s perfect for your needs.

We make custom mattresses for the following:

  • Travel trailers
  • Motor coaches
  • Truck campers
  • Fifth wheel trailers
  • Yachts
  • Cruise lines


We also closely coordinate with RV brands to commercially and officially work on custom mattresses for a large fleet of vehicles at a time. Each custom made mattress we make is tailored to the individual, and there’s hardly any request that we haven’t fulfilled. No matter what your custom made mattress request is, we can do it.


Custom Mattresses - Factory Direct & 100% Made in the USA


All our custom mattresses are manufactured and sent directly from the factory without the involvement of a third party. This ensures that your custom made mattress isn’t subject to high commissions.

Each custom made mattress is manufactured with the following:

  • American materials
  • Natural latex
  • High quality materials


We use only American-made springs in our custom mattresses instead of importing ones from China. This ensures that your final custom made mattress is stable and will last for years.

Each of our custom mattresses comes with a warranty on the materials used and the guarantee of complete assistance, support, and care.Just give a call to 253-984-1730.We don’t just build custom mattresses—we build relationships.