A Double-Sided Mattress Can Be Flipped and Rotated


A typical mattress has always been, by default, used only on one side. However, many people have come to realise is that double-sided mattresses or two sided mattress not only save money but also make a stylish statement.

Double-sided mattresses or a two sided mattress can be used for much longer than single sided ones because you can sleep on either side. With a simple flip and rotation, your two sided mattress offers a new sleeping surface. This is why many people are now investing in double-sided mattresses.

Advantages of double-sided mattresses include the following:

  • Long lasting
  • Great value
  • Light weight
  • Environment friendly


Two Sided Mattress Options for Home and Business Use


The comfort of double-sided mattresses can be yours at both your home and your office. Regardless of where you use it, a two sided mattress offers a combination of comfort, style, and elegance. A double-sided mattress is a great way of impressing guests who are staying over or for getting a quick nap at the office so you can be ready to get more work done.

We customize double-sided mattresses according to your specifications and deliver anywhere in the United States straight from our factory. Unfortunately,it’s somewhat difficult to find a good two sided mattress in the commercial market. Our double-sided mattresses will surpass any others without going over your budget.

We provide double-sided mattresses for the following:

  • Apartments
  • Lodges
  • Motels
  • Business/Office Spaces
  • Resorts
  • Homes


Double-sided Mattresses - From the Factory to You


Every two sided mattress ordered from us is made and sent to you straight from our factory. We make these double-sided mattresses strictly according to the specifications provided. The cost of your two sided mattress thus excludes the middle man and his heavy commission.

Our factory is equipped to create your two sided mattress that meets the highest standards. Each two sided mattress undergoes rigorous tests to ensure its quality.

Double-sided mattresses manufactured at our factory come with the following:

  • A mattress to the highest quality specifications
  • A two sided mattress with a long life
  • A price tag that fits your budget
  • A mattress that will last for years
  • A warranty


The use of a two sided mattress also reduces waste and is environment friendly.All you need to do is give us a call at 253-984-1730 and get double-sided mattresses tailored to your specific needs.