A Foam Encased Mattress Provides Reinforcement around the Edge


We make many different mattresses that will keep you comfortable while sleeping, sitting, or just relaxing. These different mattresses include the following features:

  • Border rods
  • Corner cups
  • Butterfly clips


Although each of these mattresses are made with the utmost attention to quality, none of them come anywhere close to the comfort offered by our highly recommended foam encased mattresses. The advantage of foam encased mattresses is that the extra foam along the edges adds a great deal of comfort without adding a lot to the price. Even though it may not sound like it, a foam encasement mattress truly is much more comfortable than a regular mattress.

While sitting on the edge of a normal mattress instead of a foam encasement mattress, your weight pushes the top bulk of the mattress down due to the lack of foam. The mattress, unlike a foam encasement mattress,then collapses due to the weight at its edge.


Foam Encasement Mattress Options for Home and Business Use


Regardless of where you place your foam encased mattresses, they always come in handy. Foam encased mattresses are made tough and rigid and can withstand constant heavy use without losing their shape. Besides adding to the look and feel of your bed, a foam encasement mattress is primarily designed for your comfort.

The uses of foam encased mattresses include the following:

  • Higher quality and rigidity – your foam encasement mattress won’t lose its shape
  • Greater comfort – you’ll sleep better
  • Longer lasting use – a foam encasement mattress will last for years
  • Safety – foam encasement mattresses provide better stability.


Not using a foam encasement mattress may actually be dangerous. The lack of enough encasement in mattresses other than foam encased mattresses may cause you to slip off the edge of the bed. A foam encasement mattress provides both safety and comfort at a level no other type of mattress can provide.


Foam Encased Mattresses - Factory Direct Pricing


Foam encased mattresses ordered from us come straight to your doorstep from our factory. This allows us to reduce the price of your foam encased mattresses by eliminating the middle man that demand commissions.

Foam encased mattresses from us come with the following:

  • Assurance and reliability
  • High quality materials are used in every foam encasement mattress we make
  • Warranty
  • Guaranteed comfort on all of our foam encased mattresses
  • A promise that every foam encased mattress passed a ridge quality control test


Foam encased mattresses manufactured by us are made and designed to meet your specific needs. Give us a call at 253-984-1730 so we can begin working with you on your foam encasement mattress.