Hotel Mattresses


Hotels and motels have 3 main things. Location, name recognition and comfort. It is just that simple. If the comfort of the mattress is lacking the customer goes the another property on his next pass thru your town. Custom comfort mattresses are an international product. Made in The USA. Shipped around the world to discerning customers.

Mattress Makers understands this simple fact. We have styles for all properties and all images. We make mattresses for the finest hotels and smaller properties. We can work with a budget to help you get return customers. Proper rest is a properties best sales tool.

Hotel Mattress Choices That Comply With Safety Regulations


Opening your own business requires taking care of everything and following all of the necessary regulations. Choosing hotel mattress suppliers is difficult. Our company gives a variety of hotel mattress choices to each customer. You can rest assured that the hotel mattress options that we offer meet all safety regulations.

People choose us for our hotel mattress services because of the following:

  • High quality hotel mattress, hospital mattress and dorm mattress services
  • Affordable hospital mattress, dorm mattress and hotel mattress services
  • Fast delivery of hospital mattress, hotel mattress and dorm mattress services


Our services for hotel mattresses, hospital mattresses and dorm mattresses provide people with many options to find what they are looking for.


Hospital Mattress, Care Home, Assisted Living and Housing Charities


Often, there is the need to search for hospital mattress and dorm mattress services, as well as hotel mattress services in your area. In the case of hospital mattress and dorm mattress services, there is often the demand that quality comes at low prices. The reasons for this are the following:

  • The demand for large quantities of hospital mattress and dorm mattress products
  • The demand for the highest possible quality at the most affordable prices
  • The lower the price, the more spots you can provide for people who need accommodation


Hospital mattress, dorm mattress and hotel mattress services need to be very affordable. With our commercial mattress options, housing charities and other assisted living charities can afford more hospital mattress products.


Dorm Mattress for Universities and Government Beds


Dorm mattress services need to be of high quality and must be available at reasonable prices. There are many reasons why choosing the right dorm mattress, hotel mattress and hospital mattress services is important, such as the following:

  • Comfort for students and government workers with dorm mattress quality products
  • Better sleep makes it possible for better results
  • Reasonable prices make it easy to replace mattresses if they are damaged


Hospital mattress services need to be chosen with careful consideration and budget planning. Our company makes this easy for customers by providing high quality products at the best prices.

We have been serving the area for a long time and we are one of the best companies in this field. Our employees are very friendly and helpful, which makes it even easier to trust and work with us. Our services are also very quick, and, therefore, you can trust that your purchase will be taken care of immediately.