Hybrid Mattress Options From the Factory to You

hybrid-mattress-tacoma-waThere are three things in your life you should never skimp on:

  • Your food
  • Your shoes
  • Your bed

Your food is what physically keeps you in good health, you spend hours each day in your shoes, and you end up spending years of your life in bed. We can't help you afford good food or awesome shoes, but we can give you a good bed – whether you want a hybrid mattress, a gel foam mattress, or a more traditional mattress.

We take out the middleman and connect you directly to our product. We have a variety of mattresses to choose from, but our customers find that a hybrid mattress is often the best. A hybrid mattress is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of a spring mattress and a gel foam mattress.

We can ship you a hybrid mattress straight from the factory to your doorstep. We are committed to a quality experience: your hybrid mattress will help you sleep. We can't promise that you'll get more rest in fewer hours of sleep, but we can assure you that a hybrid mattress combines the best of today's mattress technologies into one comfortable bed.

A Gel Foam Mattress on Top of Traditional Inner springs

foam-mattress-tacoma-waAt its simplest, a hybrid mattress is two mattresses combined into one: a gel foam mattress and a spring mattress. Because of this, a hybrid mattress is larger than most mattresses. The advantages of a hybrid mattress include:

  • The stability of a spring mattress
  • The comfort of a gel foam mattress
  • The flexibility and durability to use adjustable bed frames

The gel foam mattress on top allows you the absolute comfort of a soft bed. You can sink into the foam, and it will adjust to the contour of your body. But because the gel foam mattress is on top of a spring mattress, you also get support for your back. If you have spinal issues, the comfort of a gel foam mattress might have been out of reach for you – but no longer! You can call us today for a hybrid mattress to give you support and comfort.

Gel Foam Mattress at Factory Direct Pricing


If you're not interested in a hybrid mattress, we can connect you with just a gel foam mattress. A gel foam mattress:

  • Remembers the shape of your body
  • Is soft, pliable, and comfy
  • Gives you a deep, full night's sleep

Give a gel foam mattress a try – we'll ship it straight from the factory to your home.

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