Latex Mattress Options for Home and Business Use


Did you know that you can make a simple contribution to the betterment of the environment by investing in the right mattress? A latex foam mattress made by us uses a natural process and therefore serves as your small contribution to a better ecological future.

Latex mattresses leave no stone unturned in providing comfort. It is this feature that adds to the latex foam mattress or latex mattresses being used in a wide range of residential and commercial places. We have manufactured and delivered latex mattresses to:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Spas and salons
  • Lodges and resorts
  • Motels


Latex mattresses do not offer a sinking feeling when sat upon. For those who prefer a slightly more resilient mattress, a latex foam mattress is the right choice to go for.


Our Latex Foam Mattress is 100% made in America


All primary materials, including the rubber used for the latex mattresses manufactured by us, is locally grown manufactured here in the USA. We believe in the employment of our local industries for your latex foam mattress. This enables us to provide a guarantee on all of our latex mattresses.

Also, our latex foam mattress is assembled and designed in our factory in the USA. We deliver the latex foam mattress to your doorstep and cut out the middleman, thereby improving our customers’ buying experience by directly providing ownership of our latex mattresses.

What makes our latex mattresses all the more is satisfying is the:

  • Quality of the raw materials used
  • Reliance on locally manufactured materials
  • Assurance of a wholesome experience
  • Warranty in the event of damages


Latex Mattresses Have a Natural Resistance to Bacteria


Besides providing just the right comfort level, a latex foam mattress is both healthy and eco-friendly. Each of our latex mattresses is safe because the rubber latex is naturally resistant to bacteria.

Latex mattresses also minimize the possibility that an allergic person will be affected. Being a naturally manufactured product, a latex foam mattress is hardly ever irritating to a person with low immunity.

A latex foam mattress is a perfect choice because it is:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Temperature neutral
  • Pressure and pain relieving


Latex mattresses never leave you with an irritated back or a kink in the neck. Although they are a little short of the comfort of a memory foam, the advantages of a latex foam mattress outshines all its competitors.

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