Individual pocketed coil


Individually wrapped coils are the most popular coil support system on the market. They offer a weightless, buoyant feel while providing all of the pressure relieving, motion separating benefits of an all foam core. Many people prefer the feel of a wrapped coil support system because it offers bi-directional support by both absorbing weight and pushing back to instantly conform to your body and relieve pressure across your entire body.

Individually wrapped coils move independently and are encased in separate pockets so they can contour precisely to each person and provide, deep, comforting pressure relief. They provide individualized comfort by contouring to your body perfectly to evenly distribute your weight and do not transfer motion so you can sleep undisturbed even if your partner moves at night.


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Pocketed Coil Mattress Options for Home and Business Use


There are a hundred reasons why you should buy pocketed coil mattresses from us. We have a long history of working in the pocketed coil spring mattress industry, and we’re one of the best in the pocketed coil mattresses market.

Why purchase your mattresses from us?

  • Our pocketed coil mattresses provide stretchy surfaces that mold to the body
  • One of our pocketed coil spring mattresses provides balanced body support
  • A pocketed coil spring mattress from us will last for years


Our pocketed coil mattresses are designed to meet orthopedic needs, plus these pocketed coil mattresses will help alleviate back and neck pain. Purchasing a pocketed coil spring mattress is, therefore, a wise choice if you seem to have trouble sleeping at night or wake up feeling stiff and sore.


A Pocketed Coil Spring Mattress Helps to Eliminate Motion Transfer


Another great quality associated with pocketed coil mattresses is the fact that they are an excellent fit for couples. This is because we have designed each pocketed coil spring mattress to absorb motions, ensuring that one person’s tossing and turning doesn’t bother the other.

In addition to this feature, we also offer the following:

  • We offer many pocketed coil mattresses with altered mattress tops
  • A pocketed coil spring mattress can be covered in a cushioning foam
  • A pocketed coil spring mattress can be customized to the elasticity and contouring you want


We create pocketed coil mattresses with hundreds and even thousands of springs, and each spring is wrapped inside its own cushiony set. This ensures optimal load distribution and provides a supple exterior. A pocketed coil spring mattress will provide you with a comfortable place to sleep, read, or simply relax after a long day.


Pocketed Coil Mattresses at Factory Direct Prices


Couples can now sleep comfortably without being disturbed by any movement from their partners. Our pocketed coil mattresses provide the ultimate in comfort. Those who sleep on a pocketed coil spring mattress often report getting a full night’s sleep without any interruptions.

Why buy one of our mattresses?

  • They’re great for those who share a bed
  • Our pocketed coil spring mattress contains additional support around the edges
  • These pocketed coil mattresses offer great coziness and luxury


Our pocketed coil mattresses are investments that will last for years. If you’re looking for a new mattress that offers support and comfort, call us at 253-984-1730 to discuss purchasing a high quality pocketed coil spring mattress.